"Putting joy on the table, one cake at a time!"

-Helen Poirier, Founder



"Life is short lick the bowl"

Hi, I'm Helen, owner & founder of Sweet Scarlett Cakes & Celebrations Co.

Growing up in the UK, my mum would make me and my siblings delicious cakes from scratch. I always envisioned I’d do the same, when I had a family of my own. So when my two amazing kids came along, I bought a stand mixer, some cookbooks, and got to work! 

Sweet Scarlett as evolved significantly since its inception in October 2020. Where it began with an epic mermaid cake that my daughter had requested for her third birthday. How hard could that be? I remember scouring the shelves at Bulk Barn, looking for candied ‘rocks’ and chocolate seashells. It was great fun, but the learning curve was steep. The tools and ingredients cost an arm and a leg, and the cake took multiple days to create. I remember proudly posting a picture of my final creation in a local Facebook Group. To my surprise the response was amazing and the commissions started to roll in. Since then, my part-time hobby has evolved into an incredibly rewarding full-time career in specialty baking and celebration planning. 

From Pokemon cupcakes and unicorn cakes, to hot chocolate bombs and smashable Easter bunnies, Sweet Scarlett offers a fun and contemporary twist on all the your favourite classics. Our goods are all made by hand, using high quality, locally-sourced ingredients. 

In addition to confectionary creations, we offer a series of Packages to meet all your party-planning needs. Save yourself hours sourcing thematic decor, and placing orders with multiple vendors. With a successful career in event management when it comes to birthdays there's always a party, whether it’s a family of 4 or a birthday bash for 50!

Now, nearly two years in it is with great pride that Sweet Scarlett launches its new identity as “Sweet Scarlett Cakes & Celebrations Co.”, the one stop shop for all your party needs. Surrounding myself with people who seek joy and love in life is where my true passion lies. Providing assistance in creating memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family is something I want to be a part of. So come on in, share the love, and let me make party hosting a piece of cake!






I am obsessed with the ‘elevate your cake kit’! I felt like a professional baker, but without having to source so many specialty items and ingredients. I learned a ton from using the contents of the kit - and so many items are reusable! The best part was presenting the cake to our party guests, and being able to say that it was homemade :) 

Tanya Springer